Nautilus is one of the industry leaders in fusing technology into our cleaning processes. Research and development are ongoing to ensure our cleaning teams are incorporating the latest industry advancements to achieve the cleanest. pretiest and healthiest environments. further more, these technologies & processes can play an important role in helping your facility achieve LEED compliance.

Micro-Fiber Technology
The Micro-fibre system has replaced conventional cleaning cloths which cleans greener and dyer while removing more dust contaminants. Micro-fibre is 1/16 the size of human hair and holds eight times its weight in water. The tiny fibers penetrate the microscopic pores of surface increasing cleaning quality and saving time in the process. Micro-fiber is positively charged and literally removes q00% of all dust particles.

Back Pack Vacuum Technology
These powerful vacuums have a four level filtration for exceptionally clean and healty indoor air quality. They capture up to 99% of dust mites, pollen, viruses, bacteria, and on equipment and furniture. It also helps reduce the risk of respiratory infection and creates a healthier environment for your facility.

Environmentally Safe Chemicals
Our Chemicals are colorless, odorless, and environmentally conscios line of cleaning chemicals. They are designed to meet the environmental standards and all comply with all OSHA standards and regulations.

Hospital Grade Disinfectants
The objective of our cleaning process is not only to clean well, but also to clean for imporved health. All Nautilus cleaning teams use hospital grade disinfectants.